The Story


Mark Davis grew up in Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C. (not exactly wine country). After graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in chemical engineering, his love of fermentation science (and boredom at his government job) brought him to California to see what winemaking was really like, outside of a small home-based hobby he had dabbled with.

Mark quickly fell in love with the whole winemaking process: from tasting grapes to check for ripeness, to pumping over tanks, to shoveling out grape skins, and generally getting your hands dirty making great wine. After his first vintage, Mark applied to the world renowned UC Davis viticulture and enology program. He was accepted and spent two years learning as much as possible about everything having to do with growing grapes and making wine. Mark graduated with high honors in 2010 and also received the honorary department citation for outstanding achievement in viticulture and enology.

After several vintages across northern California as well as in Australia and South Africa, Mark eventually was given the opportunity to start his own label and in 2012 Cobden Wini Wines was born.  As well as handling every aspect for the Cobden Wini label, Mark is also the winemaker at O’Brien Estate Winery in Napa. There he works alongside consulting winemaker, David Yorgensen, helping to produce stellar wines under the O’Brien label. Mark continues to learn everyday and strives to make the best wines possible while still making sure to have fun every step along the way.

Want to know even more!? Here’s the long version of the tale: The Long Story



The first bottling of Cobden Wini!

Deadly Australian Drop Bear….gotta watch out for these while in OZ.

South African “straw wine” experiment with the one and only Andrew Mellish.