When Cobden Wini Wines was formed, there was always the hope that at some point we could help to give back to the community. Starting in 2015, we began our 4forCharity program. Every year we choose a charity, often a small local animal program, and 4% of all sales from the previous year are donated to that charity.

In 2020, we donated to several organizations that we think are making a change for good in the country. Normally we like to help out local animal organizations but sometimes causes come up that demand our attention and help. We decided to split up our yearly donation across several different groups that we think are making a difference: The Bail Project, Campaign Zero, Equal Rights Initiative, and EmbraceRace. Each is doing their part to help make the world a more just and equal place.

Donation History:

2020: $1900 over several programs: Campaign Zero, The Bail Project, Equal Justice Initiative,  and

2019: $1100 for BARCS animal rescue

2018: $1000 for NorCal Bully Breed Rescue.

2017: $1250 for the Yolo County Animal Shelter, Montgomery County Animal Shelter, Friends for Life Animal Shelter, and Houston Pets Alive

2016: $1500 for the Yolo County Animal Shelter