Cobden Wini is the culmination of an effort involving family, friends, long days, longer nights, lots of college debt, and plenty of fun along the way. The brand name is a tribute to my parents, Christopher Cobden Davis and Mary Winifred Davis, without whom none of this would exist (including myself). Their support and encouragement enabled me to leave Maryland and head west to take a chance on a dream. Cobden Wini is the ultimate realization of that dream. So grab a glass, break out the corkscrew, and enjoy!

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2016 Russian River Valley  PINOT NOIR


Our 5th vintage, the 2016 Russian River Valley Pinot noir, is a delicate, delicious Pinot noir. 2016 was an ideal growing season, with normal to high yields and good flavor without sugar-loading.  With a gorgeous slight purple hue, and a nose complex with red fruit, spice, and forest floor. The mouthfeel is balanced and crisp, with supple tannins and a lingering finish


Produced using fruit from our three sourced vineyards in the Russian River Valley: Moore Family Vineyard, Sullivan Family Vineyard, and Hogan’s Run Vineyard (See the Vineyards page for more details.), winemaker Mark Davis travels to each vineyard tasting fruit to decide when the optimal picking date will be. The 2016 vintage is a combination of 777, 667, and Pommard clones. Average degrees Brix at harvest were 24.1.


This delicious Pinot pairs great with: lamb, pork, turkey, tuna, episodes of Seinfeld, Tuesday evenings after work, friends from out of town, hot dates, birthdays, pizza, chocolate; honestly, pair wine with whatever you want. As long as you enjoy it, it’s the right pairing.