When Cobden Wini Wines was formed, there was always the hope that at some point we could help to give back to the community. Starting in 2015, we began our 4forCharity program. Every year we choose a charity, often a small local program, and 4% of all sales from the previous year are donated to that charity.

In 2017, we again donated a portion to the Yolo County Animal Services. They are an important part of the Cobden Wini story as they are the group that rescued the one and only Paddy the pittie. Paddy was a stray puppy with Parvovirus, a virus that often takes the lives of afflicted dogs. Rather than euthanize a sick, stray pit-bull mix, they took him in. Paddy was taken to a vet to receive treatment for his illness. He was then taken into foster care where he was monitored till the virus was no longer in his system.

From 2016 sales numbers, we proudly raised $1,000.00. Half of that money we used to buy supplies for the Yolo County Shelter. Hopefully, these toys and supplies will help add a little fun to the lives of dogs that currently don’t have forever homes.

After Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and seeing how much help Houston and the surrounding areas would need in the following months, it was an easy choice where to send the remaining donation (as well as a portion of next years). $250 went to help out the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. They had been taking in hundreds of displaced animals from the surrounding areas. We also gave $250 to Friends for Life Animal Shelter. They were there at ground zero helping rescue trapped or abandoned animals. Lastly, we gave $250 to Houston Pets Alive who were also helping tremendously in getting lost animals safely in care and looked after.

Donation History:

2017: $1250 for the Yolo County Animal Shelter, Montgomery County Animal Shelter, Friends for Life Animal Shelter, and Houston Pets Alive

2016 (from 2015 sales year): $1500 for the Yolo County Animal Shelter